Rheem Steller 360 Installed

Rheem Steller 360 Installed

Rheem Stellar 360 Special

Installed Rheem Stellar 360 Only $1750

How to quote your own job

If you are converting from electric hot water system to a new gas hot water heater.

We can change a gas storage hot water heater over to a new Rheem Stellar gas hot water system with using only 4 metres of copper tube. What you need to check for is that a 20mm gas pipe is right near to the current gas hot water heater. 20mm pipe is about the size of your thumb. If it is not right behind the hot water heater, follow the gas pipe along the wall until it increases in size. Calculate the amount of metres from the water heater to the increased gas pipe.

Add this on to the 4 metre installation rule and multiply the extra copper metres by $45. This will give you a clear idea on costs.